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Who We Are

ttchic is the latest brand and product advocate program, powered by Newegg, designed for the purpose of connecting customers to unique, quality, and emerging-tech products that inspire and moves us.

What We Do

Discover a full range of higher-quality brands of electronics and consumer goods at manufacturer-direct prices. It's the perfect way for customers to stay on top of the latest trend and tech.

Through cooperation with ttchic, manufacturers and branded products can connect directly with an existing and growing base of affluent and tech-savvy consumers.

Branding Service

Digital Marketing

Legal & Financial Service

Store Operation & Expansion

This is How We Can Help Your Business

Through cooperation with ttchic, you can achieve the following for your business:

Precise targeting to over 36 million customers

Scalable business solution which includes the ability to expand to over 50 Global markets, connect with B2B customers, and more

Multiple value-added marketing opportunities

Shipped by Newegg value-added logistics solutions

Fully managed service by ttchic team

Branding service for qualified manufacturers

Direct purchase opportunity

Newegg Global Marketplace platform training, knowledge sharing, selling best-practice consulting service

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All enterprises which meet our Newegg registration standards are welcome to join us.

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